Steam Turbines for Thermal Power Plants (Up to 1,200 MW)


The optimal last stage blade (LSB) length and number of casings is selected based on the steam exhaust conditions. By combining the high pressure (HP) turbine and intermediate pressure (IP) turbine into a single casing, the turbine can be made more compact, thus reducing the number of components and required area for installation. On top of reducing costs related to civil construction and installation work, maintenance is also easier due to reduced number of spare parts and required inspection period. For Steam Power Plants, to increase overall plant efficiency, up to 9 extractions for feedwater heating are possible. For the low pressure (LP) turbine, exhaust direction is not limited to downward exhaust, but can also be designed for sideward exhaust.


Two Casing Turbine
(HP/IP Turbine - LP Turbine)
For GTCC Plant Applications (312 MW)


Three Casing Turbine
(HP/IP turbine - LP Turbinebatu ×2)
For Steam Power Plant Applications (670 MW)


Four Casing Turbine
(HP Turbine - IP Turbine - LP Turbine ×2)
For Steam Power Plant Applications (1,000 MW)


Sideward Exhaust Turbine and Condenser

Steam Turbine Specifications

No. of casings Two Casings (HP/IP Turbine - LP Turbine)
Three Casings (HP/IP Turbine - LP Turbine ×2)
Three Casings (HP Turbine - IP Turbine - LP Turbine)
Four Casings (HP Turbine - IP Turbine - LP Turbine×2)
Five Casings (HP Turbine - IP Turbine - LP Turbine×3)
Output Up to 1,200 MW
Main steam conditions Up to 28.0 MPa / Up to 600°C
Reheat steam conditions Up to 630°C
Revolutions per minute 3,000 min-1 (50 Hz) / 3,600 min-1 (60 Hz)