Steam Turbines for Thermal Power Plants (Up to 250 MW)


Exhaust steam exits the turbine from only one direction (single-flow). By utilizing a longer last stage blade (LSB), a single flow turbine with axial exhaust is possible in comparison to a double-flow turbine with downward exhaust. An axial exhaust reduces hood losses, thus allowing higher efficiency to be achieved as compared to a downward exhaust.
In addition, as a single welded (or mono-block) rotor is used, the high pressure (HP), intermediate pressure (IP) and low pressure (LP) sections can be contained within a single casing. This compact frame turbine (SRT) can reduce construction costs for the turbine building and foundation. A smaller number of components also reduce the time required for inspections and number of spare parts, thus allowing easier maintenance.


Two Casing Turbine
(HP Turbine - IP/LP Turbine)


Single Casing (SRT) Turbine
(HP/IP/LP Turbine)

Steam Turbine Specifications

No. of casings Single casing (HP/IP/LP Turbine)
Double casing (HP/IP Turbine - LP Turbine)
Double casing (HP Turbine - IP/LP Turbine)
Output Up to 250 MW
Main steam conditions Up to 16.5 MPa / Up to 600°C
Reheat steam conditions Up to 600°C
Revolutions per minute 3,000 min-1 (50 Hz) / 3,600 min-1 (60 Hz)
  • Downward exhaust can also be designed if the customer has such requirements.