Dependable Process Station (DPS)


This control equipment is used for automated plant control, various operational processing and plant ON/OFF control. We have SIL-3-compatible hardware accordance with IEC61508 functional safety standards in the lineup.

I/O signals with the plant field are processed through IO modules and control logic is computed through a CPU module to control the plant.


Functions of the Dependable Process Station (DPS)

High-reliability Controller with High Speed and Capacity

The DPS is able to perform calculations as fast as every 6 millisecond, making it suitable for application in systems that require high-speed control.

In addition, as the high capacity means that control operations can be executed with fewer controllers than the MPS, systems can be configured at a lower cost.

Number of Modules 1 - 500 modules/controllers 1 - 9,216 modules/controllers
Number of IO Points 8 - 4,000 point modules/controllers 8 - 73,728 point modules/controllers
Minimum Computation Period 10 ms 6 ms
Number of Logic Sheets (Maximum) Regular Sheets: 1,023 or 4,095 Functional Safety Sheets: 1,000
Regular Sheets: 4,000

Flexible Hardware Configurations

To maintain safety while raising the utilization rate, redundancy mechanisms that ensure continued operation even when a specific area fails are required.

DPS Logic Solver supports single to four-level redundancy, and all other cards and modules support redundancy.

By freely combining configurations and only implementing redundancies where needed, customers can maximize plant utilization rates at the optimum cost.

Module Name Redundancy
CPU Module Logic Solver 1~4
Higher Order General Communication Module Network Adapter (NA) 1~2
Lower Order General Communication Module IOScanner (IOS) 1 - 2 × 4 groups
  • One IOS group supports up to 95 IO nodes
IO Module 1~2

Card Module Lineup

Check the following pages for information about our lineup of DPS modules.