DPS Components

List of Dedicated DPS Modules

This is the lineup of dedicated DPS products for DIASYS Netmation4S.

Check the PDF file for details.


Name Overview
Logic Solver SCLSM01 (493 KB) QorIQ P2020 1.2Ghz
LSLSM01 (535 KB) Intel Pentium Processor 1.5GHz
Network Adapter LSNAM01 (403 KB) Compliant with Gigabit Ethernet 100BASE-TX Specifications
LSNAM02 (204 KB) Intel Pentium Processor D1519 Internal operating frequency 1.5 GHz
IO Scanner LSIOS01 (513 KB) Compliant with Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-T Specifications
Backplane LSLSB01 (439 KB) Backplane for SCLSM01/LSNAM01/LSIOS01
Fan Module LSACF02 (289 KB) DC24V DC Fan Unit
Blank case LSBCLSM Blank case for Logic Solver/Network Adapter
LSBCIOS Blank case for IO Scanner