Overview and Verification Status of T-point Demonstration Facility

Gas Turbines

Located on the premises of Takasago Works of Mitsubishi Power, the gas turbine combined cycle power plant demonstration facility (T-point) undergoes a long-term verification test for combined cycle power plant facilities while sending the electric power generated to the electric power company.


Purposes of the T-point

  • Verification of technologies newly introduced for higher temperatures, higher efficiency gas turbines and lower NOx and other pollutant emissions in the exhaust gas
  • Verification of reliability of combined cycle power generation with high efficiency and low environmental impacts through long-term commercial operation


The performance test and the durability test of the M501G-Series gas turbines commenced in 1997. The long-term verification test ended successfully.

The total amount of power generation exceeds 1.2 billion kWh (as of 2017). So far, the M501G/GAC have undergone the verification test and a M501J has been in operation since 2011.

M501G/G1/GAC (1997 to 2010)
M501J (Since 2011)

Facility Configuration

The T-point consists of a gas turbine with an output of 270 MW and a steam turbine with an output of 119 MW. With a total output of 389 MW, it is a multi-shaft type combined cycle power plant.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (Triple Pressure, Natural Circulation)
Gas Turbine (M501J)
Steam Turbine (SRT-36AX)
Air Cooled Condenser

Verification of Next-Generation Combined Cycle Power Generation

Mitsubishi Power presses ahead with research and development for next-generation high efficiency combined cycle power plant facilities. To verify its results over a long period of time, a new demonstration facility will be constructed next to the existing T-point.

The new T-point, featuring a single-shaft type combined cycle, is scheduled to reach completion in July 2020.

New T-Point (Conceptional Drawing)