Energy Storage Solutions

Utilizing renewable energy efficiently

Intermittent, renewable energy sources, like wind and solar energy, are increasingly capturing a larger share of the world’s power grids. As a result, there is a growing need for power producers to efficiently store excess intermittent energy.  Mitsubishi Power’s Energy Storage System (ESS) Solutions help them store energy when supply is high and demand is low, so it can be used later, when the supply decreases and demand peaks. Stabilizing energy resources allow them to consistently satisfy energy demands without straining the power grid.

Stored energy has many applications. It provides back-up power that companies can use to offset costs when the price of electricity increases via a process known as "peak shaving." It also allows utility companies to offset costs to upgrade their systems and improve operations. Energy grid operators can benefit from increased system efficiency with an effective ESS.

How energy is stored depends on how it will be used and how long it must be stored. Rechargeable batteries (Lithium ion or flow), flywheels, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES), and ultracapacitors help satisfy short-term storage needs.

To satisfy long-term storage needs, wind and solar energy can be used to power electrolysis equipment to produce renewable hydrogen, which can be stored for months.

Renewable hydrogen can be stored in underground tanks or caverns and it can be converted back to electricity and fed to utility grids when needed. In addition, it produces no carbon emissions. These qualities make it one of the most desirable energy sources. Gas turbines fueled by renewable hydrogen represent one of the most cost-effective methods of storing wind and solar energy.

Mitsubishi Power can provide ESS as full turnkey installations or as a technology agnostic partner. If we don’t manufacture what you need we’ll partner with another ESS expert who does. Our mission is to provide the most efficient, cost-effective ESS, engineered and customized to your specific needs.

Additionally, as part of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, Mitsubishi Power can provide advanced integrated controls technologies incorporating the latest AI and machine learning capabilities to optimize the charging and discharging of the ESS systems.

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ESS for Building Applications

For higher density applications, Mitsubishi Power can also supply ESS systems for building applications.

ESS for Building Applications