General Turbine Control Module

This is the lineup of DIASYS Netmation / DIASYS Netmation4S general turbine control modules.
Check the PDF file for details.

Name Overview
SVL Module LSSVL12D (265KB) 4/5/6-wire excitation 5 V to 8 V, 800 to 8000 Hz,
SVT Module LSSVT11 (232KB) Servo valve interface modules SVT01/02
Transmitter input, demand output ±20 mA/+20 mA
LSSVT13 (235KB) Servo valve interface modules SVT03/04
Transmitter input 0 to 250 mA
EOST Module LSEOS01 (216KB) Electrical over speed trip function (EOS)
GTI Module LSGTI01 (226KB) Gas turbine interlock function (GTI)
OPC Module LSOPC01 (221KB) Over speed protection (OPC)
TCL Module LSTCL01 (226KB) Turbine interlock demand output (TCL)
Vibration Module LSVIM01 (253KB) Vibration pressure variation, Combustor vibration input, FFT analysis