Box Governor 3Vd/2Vd



The Box Governor 3Vd / 2Vd system is specifically designed for steam turbine control. The application can be built flexibly in line with customer specifications for the control of a wide array of steam turbines.
Our unique perspective as a plant manufacturer allows us to contribute to customer profits with systems developed in pursuit of reliability.

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Maintaining utilization rates through online maintenance

Various parameters can be modified from the control component without the need to shut down the governor while it is running.

Control functions other than the parts being modified are not affected, allowing customers to maintain equipment utilization rates.

Self Failure Diagnosis

The governor includes self failure diagnostic functions including a watchdog timer and power supply monitoring.

It is also possible to detect actuator output disconnections and build response logic consistent with plant operation.

Expanded Communication with Other Equipment

Communication with control equipment produced by Mitsubishi Power or other companies is supported.

(Past delivery of system with Modbus/TCP support)

System Configuration

Box Governor 3Vd:2Vd-02.png
Box Governor

System configuration including the turbine subject to control is shown in the above diagram.

The Box Governor 3Vd / 2Vd comprises an operating component (user interface) and a control component. The operating component is a 15-inch LCD panel used for monitoring and operation. Screens can be flexibly customized to customer specifications. The control component is a controller equipped with an Intel CPU that performs steam turbine control (operational processing and signal I/O processing). The operating component and control component can be installed as an integrated unit or separately.

In addition to basic functions, the control application can be customized to customer specifications.