Box Governor 3Ve



The Box Governor 3Ve system is specifically designed for steam turbine control and can be used to control a wide range of steam turbines. Equipping various types of control blocks in a ready-made format achieves short delivery times and low costs.


Maintaining utilization rates through online maintenance

Various parameters can be modified from the operating screen without the need to shut down the governor while it is running.

Control functions other than the parts being modified are not affected, allowing customers to maintain equipment utilization rates.

Self Failure Diagnosis

The governor is equipped with self failure diagnostic functions including a watchdog timer, power supply monitoring and actuator output disconnection detection.

Equipment Configuration

Box Governor 3Ve-01.jpg

Operating Screen (Human-Machine Interface)

This is a 3.8-inch LCD panel for monitoring and operation.

Control functions can be configured and PI (proportional / integral) controller parameters can be adjusted to match the specifications of the turbine to be controlled. The governor can also be used for operational control and to monitor operational status.

Control Component

This is a controller equipped with an Intel CPU that performs steam turbine control (operational processing and signal I/O processing).